Friday, 16 January 2015

Life as a manifestation of self awareness of the Universe and or God?

If this is our premise then our purpose is clear; to experience life and absorb it to our fullest as we are part of something much larger than ourselves.

Perhaps it is not self awareness, perhaps it is more like a monitor or even a heart or another organ. Suffice it to say our premise is we are co-dependent with the Universe; I leave the relationship of the Universe and God up to you. 

We are then an extension of the Universe, a flower if you will and if equally co-dependent then the universe is an extension of us. This is certainly consistent with harmonic balance we observe everywhere providing the contrast in states such as the various cells that make up blood, muscle and sinew. Can the universe exist in one state only or does it need a countering balance and I offer life as this harmonic opposite yet equal.

With such a premise we can imagine life throughout the universe like leaves on a tree but we can equally contend there is only one like a heart or a brain or maybe both in the same.

You look into yourself and determine if you feel connected to the universe in ways unexplained from the pain of a knee scrap or the pleasure of a love. Imagine the vast numbers of impressions life delivers from all organisms: animals, plants, bugs, viruses, bacteria and all else all absorbed by the Universe satisfying a purpose to perceive reality. We might be the only organ the Universe has in fulfilling this purpose to propagate life to sense through experience and perhaps most importantly to think.

While the Universe would benefit from the sense of a successful high jump does it not make sense it is our higher order reason the Universe compels us toward?

So if you believe you are an extension of the universe and the Universe is an extension of you then you should always remember to stop and smell the roses.