Sunday, 11 January 2015

Life and times in a pressure cooker

I have been under the weather for some time now. All of a sudden Sleeplessness has become a constant companion. Blurred thinking and clouds below eyes are telling a story.

My family and friends (specially few young ones) are helping me destressing. I have been writing regularly. Restarted little bit of poetry and yes music has come back to life.

It set me thinking, specially while travelling to home ( to meet my lovely princesses and the anchor of my life, Seema).

Last one year has been rather difficult and challenging. Some of the challenges are:
1. Constantly living away from family
2. Extended work hours ( min 14 hrs per day)
3. Above all ,most challenging assignment , bringing online new assets.

Work pressures in corporate life is not new. To some extent, it promotes excellence. But question is  how much of this is OK.  We give up some part of  ourselves (may be on permanent basis) in these situations. We will never be able to retrieve back this lost part again.

What is then the sweet spot for all of us? I am grappling with this question right now.

Something, which comes to mind immediately is to check if the contribution you are making while going through the pressure situation is worth it.

In my case, the answer seems to be yes. Bringing new assets online is exciting and challenging. It creates permanent source of employment and livelihood for people. It also adds value to the national economy.

Please keep one thing in mind, realise that the pressure is on you. This realisation itself is enough sometime.

I invite all of you to contribute your experiences and how you are tackling it.

Love to hear from you, as always.