Saturday, 12 December 2015

Nothing is what u think it is

Substantial time gap has happened between the last posting and this one. Not by design, but definitely by choice, choice of something more urgent and priority.

I have been fortunate enough to bring to life four of the state of the art, most complex and most beautiful industrial assets in the the world. Now bringing something to life is one of the most difficult things to do. This one had its own share of challenges and learning.

There was a passion, there were timelines, there were questions to be answered.. whole part of the drama had its own script.

One thing was sure, there was determination in the team. Determination to succeed beyond everything. We had terrible days, difficult nights, but we used to be back next day with adrenaline flowing. 

A team of young boys and girls finally made it happen for us. Tremendously proud of their achievement. Well done guys you have made a dent in the universe...

I will be sharing my own personnel learning in later post. But right now to a unconnected subject.

I have been thinking of something for a long time, what if nothing is what we think it is?

What if I say that your life has no meaning?

I’m not telling you this to make you think about jumping off the nearest bridge; instead I mean it in a much more contemplative way. Let’s first acknowledge that the meaning we find in people, objects, and our own circumstances is subjective. These things have no inherent meaning. Functional and dysfunctional behavior both result from choices people make based on meanings they create. This also means that we have the power to alter our perceptions, revising perceptions that bring us down and enhancing those that help us. Your outlook on life is deeply entwined in your propensity for success. Miserable blowhards can achieve, however they still wind up miserable. That’s not success. Success is doing what you love and being happy about it.

Doing what you love makes you forget all the reverses, all the obstacles, all the adversaries, everything out there to derail you. You strive because the outcome is what you love. Like a mother, who goes through labor pains to bring to life a beautiful thing called life.

So meaning of life is in doing what you love and not doing what pays you the most. Not the ones, which gives you the most fascinating titles. 

Meaning of the life is in achieving by doing what you love..

Sound simple? Then let get it done....