Thursday, 14 May 2015


Last night participated in a tweet chat on leadership.  The topic "leadership is a prerequisite or responsibility" intrigued me a lot and set me thinking.

For me,  leadership is neither a prerequisite nor a responsibility. It is an opportunity, yes, you got it right an opportunity to help people in discovering their hidden greatness.

Each and everyone of us has greatness hidden deep inside. What we need is a trigger to discover that. Role of the leader is to help these people in discovering it.

Obviously, results matter, so leader has to create an environment in which this greatness of people is aligned to the organisational goals.

This way leader creates a truly engaged and aligned organisation. Leader becomes an enabler not a pusher or executed. People execute, people deliver, people achieve and then celebrate.

Don't think that I am again pushing for servant leadership. These are all theories which may work for you. But, we all are at the ground where dirt hits the road. We have to deliver performance. It is only possible through an engaged workforce,  which has discovered it's own greatness.

At the end of the day, it is people's business.