Saturday, 21 February 2015


A great writer has the ability to reflect upon his inspirations and experiences with a dash of imagination.
A great poet has the ability to steer and build upon his inspiration and imagination like the way a river carefully and relentlessly forges ahead from its faint source to the mighty ocean.
A great artist has the ability to be inspired by something and then with the help of his imagination discover more and more about his inspiration by making intricate connections with whatever he discovers.
A great problem solver, aided by his imagination, has the ability to be inspired by what is invisible so as to connect the visible to the invisible to create the widest possible field of view.
A great scientist has the ability to play with his imagination on anything that inspires him.
A great mathematician has the ability to imagine the right questions and remain inspired by those.
A great architect has the ability to be inspired by spaces and imagine structures and patterns within those.
A great teacher has the ability to be inspired by a learner and possess the ability to imagine a learner's potential.
They are all very creative but what is the most creative human act of all?
The most creative of all are those who master the skill of adapting to different situations and contexts, which life continually throws at them. They are inspired by life and they continually imagine the best possible ways they would adapt in a given context. In every case, they create new templates to adapt without relying on old ones.
They have all the skills of a great writer, a great poet, a great artist, a great problem solver, a great scientist, a great mathematician, a great architect, a great teacher and much more.
It is easy to spot them. They continue to attend to small and ordinary things in extraordinary ways with effortless grace. At times it appears that they are masters of "inaction." They achieve a lot without even appearing to do so. They can be commoners or kings.
No wonder achieving that level of creativity is a tall order!